Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good times on Cheoah

Saturday I took off from Nashville with a group of friends from Arkansas, Memphis, and Cookeville for a trip to Cheoah and Tallulah... After deciding to play musical boats lap after lap it seemed like the perfect day to try out a line I've been thinking about for a while, the infamous Left to Middle line on Bear Creek Rapid.

(photo by Jordan Byrum)

It's been done before, though not by many, but I had never SEEN it done myself.  Believe it or not, that does make a difference, and  after looking at it from the river left side, I decided that it was definitely the time to go for it.  I gave the thumbs up and waited for the cameras... Huge success or epic fail, we wanted video either way...  It went so well in the Zen I had to do it again in the Villain... good times!

(photo from my GoPro Hero2)

check out the video: