Tuesday, July 18, 2006

HUGE SALE at Gaia Paddlesports!!!!

Gaia is having a huge sale on drybags and floatation... this is good stuff!

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Boyd :-)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

another fun day surfin' in Salida...

Photo of me by Josh Oberleas
So I'm chillin' here again in Bongo Billy's in Salida. This time I'm hangin' out with Clay, Sam, Josh Oberleas and at least half of Salida, listening to an AWESOME 2 man band. I'm not sure who they are..., but they're AWESOME...a guy named Jonah ? and his brother...
I'm also enjoying a really good Iced Chai... good times!!
Today we started off surfing "just before breakfast"... and "just before Lake Creek" ... which turned into "just before dinner." We were just having so much fun! In the "aftermath" of yesterdays random flashfloods and last nights storms, we were just jazzed up to be back in the hole here in Salida, CO. It started off with me, Samantha, and Josh Oberleas throwin' down in an AM surf session... Lawrence Simpson, Nichole, and plenty of others. Clay was into some serious cleaning on his truck... cleaning out some 'flowage'... and joined us later.
The highlight of the day was the tandom loops (front and back, but 2 at a time) with Josh...

photo of me and Josh by Sammie B... :-)

a few times we crashed... I landed a big one right on top of his boat - ouch! but super entertaining!!! It was really cool getting to throw a back loop and pop up just in time to see Josh throw a big back loop right next to me... it's a cool feeling and new experience for me at least.

It seems like the last couple weeks I've spent in Colorado, I've made more friends than I've ever imagined. Today at the hole, there were like 20 paddlers there chillin' out, throwin' down, smilin' big, and goin' crazy... the best part, most were people I've never seen before this trip and now I can look around and actually know everyone in the hole. The attitude here is pure fun and like no other. No pressure, no egos, just a fun day out with a city of friends... that's paddling...

anyways, later in the day Team Jackson Kayaks was totally representin' today here in Salida... Myself, Clay, Lawrence Simpson, and not to mention Sam and Nichole, also in Stars and AllStars! For some reason the photo feature isn't working right... so stay tuned for more photos from today later...

It's off to find a place to crash and dream about our hopeful trip down Lake Creek for tomorrow... should be a good level and an AWESOME run!!!

Boyd :-)

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Strange surf session in Salida!

So I'm hanging out in Bongo Billy's in Salida with Clay Wright and Sam. Our Colorado trip has been an amazing experience, full of adventure and new stories. Today will be one of my favorites from the trip for sure!

We went out to the Salida hole for some mellow, low water surf in the top hole. The water was as beautiful as always with the sun out and a big group around the hole, including the HUGE Experiences crowd. Out of nowhere, the Arkansas River through Salida rose from a low 900 cfs, to a stomping 1800 cfs in a couple minutes... almost immediately!!! No kidding!!

Clay described it best:

"in minutes - no more 'watch the rocks' and hello blunts and pistol-flip style Mcnasty's! But then some sticks come through. Then some logs. And within 15 minutes the entire surface of the water is covered with pine straw and sticks and the hole is a frothing mass of black and brown debris. We've got scouters on the bank yelling which side the next log is coming down on and the whole line just keeps taking rides. Now someone comes up with a stick through their PFD. Now sombody takes a log to the helmet. Occasional break as a 10'+ tree or 4' diameter stump comes through. And within 30 minutes the water starts to drop again."

Couldn't have said it better myself.

Fun day flash flood surfin' in Salida!!! :-) ... now time for a shower!

Boyd :-)

Monday, July 03, 2006

This one's for the Ladies!...

Shot I took of Sam

My girlfriend, Samantha Brunner finally got into a Hero... she has become a good technical paddler, but like many girls, she lacks the upper body strength that most guys have... the Hero totally compensates for this, allowing her to have the speed and tracking abilities that the strongest of guys have, while having a light boat that fits her just as well. I think she's really enjoying her new Hero! Check out the Video!!!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Big South Video up!

Finally got the Big South video for you guys... There's definitely a story behind this one. After playin' around on Crested Butte creeks for a day, we ate at the Ginger Cafe' in CB... We finally left CB around 11 pm or later? and drove to the Big South Campground to meat up with Clay Wright and Marty Cronin... We finally pulled in after 6 am trying to catch some shut-eye in the cab of my truck - didn't work. So I put on a high flowin' run for Big South with the guys and we had a BLAST!!! The lack of sleep was poundin' me hard this day.... but it was all good because we were on Big South at high water... FUN day!!! Check out the video!!!

Boyd :-)