Thursday, August 03, 2006

ACC & Ouachita Outdoors Surf & Turf Report!

(Photo by Samantha Brunner)

Saturday was the 2006 Surf & Turf in Rockport, AR...
After a special request from some local boaters, me and Sam couldn't turn down the big day in Arkansas! The Arkansas crowd is always a blast to hang out with and one of the friendliest crowds in the east! The Arkansas Canoe Club provided a lot of great food and fun times. The ramp was definitely a big hit and the water felt great! I got to help Adam Motes with the Paddle with the Pros clinic, and hang out with guys and girls from Texas, Kansas, Alabama, Arkansas, and Memphis! Fun times!

After surfing ourselves silly at the ledge, we all went over to Ouachita Outdoor Outfitters for a huge party that lasted most of the night!

(photo by Samantha Brunner)

...proving again that this Arkansas crowd has really got it goin' on! Thanks to Don Jackson, we all got to crash on the floor in the outfitters store... not to mention the donuts and coffee he had for us in the morning! What more can a boater ask for!!! Thanks Don!!! Between the ledge surfin' and the store, Jackson Kayaks was well represented...and the interest was HUGE! Just the number of Jackson Kayaks out there blew me away! As if the party, event, water, and Ouachita Outdoors staff weren't amazing enough, the people there were just incredible to hang out with.... lots of new friends for sure!

More pics up here on!

Boyd :-)

more pics from Colorado!

I've finally got some more time to post up more pics from Colorado... Check em out!
( Clay Wright in the Salida flash flood! Photo: Samantha Brunner)

(Clay Wright on a normal day in Salida. Photo by Sam Brunner)

(cool shot Sam got of me throwin' down a back loop in Salida)

(Lawrence Simpson, of Team JK and RMOC, throwin' down in Salida. photo by Samantha B.)

(Clay Wright rockin' his way through the end of "Slideways" on Big South. Photo by Sam B.)

(Our new friend Greg, of Team JK and RMOC in Salida! Photo by Sammie B.)

Think about access...

Without American Whitewater, a lot of great rivers out there would just...

...come to a dead end.

Support the ones that support you! support American Whitewater... agree with everything they do or not, no other organization fights so hard for our access to these beautiful places.

(Photo by Samantha Brunner)